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    In 1998 our company was certified according to standards of ISO 9001 Quality System for management system, designing, production and sales of bitumen-based membranes for waterproofing, bitumen masses and adhesives used in construction. Certification of all of the company’s processes was a starting point for the policy of continuous improvement of our organization and thereby achievement of high quality of all our products.

The choice of quality proved to be the right one: our customers rewarded us with their confidence which made possible further investments. We jointly established a mutually satisfactory relation which brought advantages both to our customers and us.

Waterproofing products of FIM Kanjiža are a guaranty of long-lasting protection. Their main characteristics are: durability, easy adjustment and application under all climatic conditions, prolongation of the coverage period and possibility of economic saving in respect of frequency of replacement.


The research and development laboratory of FIM in charge of input, interim and final control established a direct cooperation with one of the best laboratories in the world – ”EUREKA” from GENERAL MEMBRANE, Italy. All tests performed in this laboratory on membranes, i.e. mixtures for waterproofing have been acknowledged by SINAL as from 2000. ”EUREKA” disposes of top-level instruments for quality examination and control, impeccable methodology and top technicians who control production on a daily basis.

Last year ”EUREKA” laboratory performed more than 7000 controls on raw material and finished products (before, during and at the end of manufacturing) always using the same structure, the same methodologies and the same human resources.

Through this cooperation FIM laboratory has ensured lasting improvement of quality of examinations carried out in all processes.


Beside ISO 9001 Standard, FIM actively works on application of ISO 14000 Environmental Protection Standard, as well as on CE mark registration. This marking method will be introduced during the second half of 2007 whereby FIM will become the first factory in Serbia capable of performing export to Europe.