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Insulation Material Factory FIM is a leading factory in the region in the area of manufacturing of bitumen-based waterproofing material and thermal insulation material made of expanded polystyrene. The company’s main determination in its work and business operations is to achieve, by introduction and continuous advancement of the quality system and environmental protection, a high quality of its products as a guaranty of successful business operations, without posing a threat to the environment.
The business operations conducted in full conformity with the company’s standards, the market requirements and the valid legal regulations are the only proper way of the company’s lasting survival and development. The company’s management is determined in its efforts to maintain and advance effectiveness and efficiency of the quality and environmental protection management system through successive cycles of setting goals, examination of results, revision and redefining of goals if needed and taking action according to the redefined goals.

The basic principles of the quality and environmental protection policy of FIM are:

- ensuring quality of products and services which exceed anticipations and requirements of customers and users is a business priority of all our activities,

- maintenance and advancement of the quality and environmental protection management system in conformity with the provisions of ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 standards, all in compliance with legal enactments and standards,

- continuous development of new products and achievement of top quality of the existing ones at the same time limiting its impact on the environment through education and professional training of the employees,

- full commitment to the environmental management protection and minimization of waste production of any kind in conformity with the valid legal regulations in the area of environmental protection,

- the quality and environmental protection management system encompass all business operations which ensure the required quality of products and services, with preservation and protection of the environment,

- advancement and improvement of partner relations with all interested parties presents lasting determination of FIM within the frames of its business operations,

- implementation of environmental protection is being performed in conformity with the valid legal regulations, environmental aspects are regularly being identified and programs of pollution reduction and saving of natural resources are conducted,

- all employees are responsible for application of the prescribed documentation and achievement of the required quality of products and processes and protection of the environment from unwanted effects of processes and

- the company’s management adopts measures for advancement of business operations within the scope of regular revisions of the system, implementation of internal and external audits and application of corrective and preventing measures when needed.

The quality and environmental protection policy is available for the interested public and the company’s management has informed all employees about it.


Kanjiža, July 8th 2011                                                       Lionello Codognotto
                                                                                           General Manager