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CE Marking for waterproofing membranes

     The Company’s main determination in its work and business operations is to achieve, by introduction and continuous advancement of the quality system and environmental protection, a high quality of its products as a guaranty of successful business operations, without posing a threat to the environment.

The business operations conducted in full conformity with the Company’s standards, the market requirements and the valid legal regulations are the only proper way of the Company’s lasting survival and development.

Attestation of fulfillment of basic requirements of the products – waterproofing membranes, prior to their trafficking on the EU market, for which an appropriate directive is extant, presents one of specially important tasks set by the Company’s Management as a priority goal.

Conformity of waterproofing membranes with requirements set for affixing of CE marking was confirmed in April 2008.

FIM was the first factory of this kind in Serbia to assume EU directives and implement them into the existing Quality Management System.

This duty is regulated by the Building Products Directive 89/106/EEC and is compulsory for all manufacturers selling waterproofing membranes into the Countries of European Community.
Practically, before introducing a membrane in the Community Market, the manufacturer must guarantee that this one is designed and produced respecting the essential requirements given by the Directive and by the new Technical Product Norms, which list the technical features to be respected, the test to make and the test frequencies, by the producer.
Everything for Final Consumer defence.

The new Product Technical Norms of reference for the CE marking of waterproofing membranes are:

EN 13707: Membranes destined to continuos roofing waterproofing, effective from October, 2004 (it includes the membranes uses as upper layer, intermediate, lower as single layer, for roof gardens or under heavy protection).
EN 13970: Shield or barrier to the vapour, valid from December, 2004.
EN 13969: Membranes for avoiding the upcoming humidity from the soil, valid from December, 2004.
EN 13859-1: Membranes for the waterproofing of discontinuous roofs (underlayments), valid from February , 2005.

Before marking CE a new waterproofing membrane, the manufacturer has to make Initial Type Tests (ITT) for showing the conformity to the reference Product Technical Norm. In this way the membrane is classed according to his use destination.
Furthermore the manufacture must continuously test its production, following a proved Controls Program (FPC, Factory Production Control), in order to be able to show at any time that the membranes industrially made respect completely the declared features. This is what already provided for the FIM ISO 9001 Quality Management System.
The manufacturer must draw up, for any product, a Conformity Technical Data Membrane. In this you can find the Product Technical Norm of reference, the product description, product the technical features, the application / Laying methods and the expected use destination, and other informations.
At last the maufacturer must be qualified for marking CE its products, for this reason he must periodically test the Management System by Notified Certified Body.
FIM has appointed EMI Hungary, which issued the Certificate on Conformity in April 2008. The number of the Certificate is also indicated in the Technical Membrane of Conformity, as well as on the product’s labels.
Once done these steps, the manufacturer af- fix the CE Marking, the marking is compulsory on every pallet, with a specific label reporting some information regarding the product, plus the logo.

What changes for FIM Customers

The final Customer will choose the waterproofing membrane suitable for the work necessities, respecting the use destination given by the manufacturer for any product.
The roofer must apply waterproofing membranes respecting the laying methods indicated in the Conformity Technical Membranes and in the other manufacturer Specifications.
The CE Marking is a law duty and it doesn`t substitutes the Products Certification or the existing systems (which doesn`t refer to voluntary Quality marking) and introduces a big change in the waterproofing world.
FIM Export Area and the Technical Assistance Service are always available for solving any doubt and give further explanations.

The Use Destination

The main innovation introduced by CE Marking is the use destination.
Waterproofing membranes are distinguished now for their final use, this classification is done directly by the manufacturer.
On this FIM Products Catalogue, we specified for any product the destination uses for each. Every number refers to a destination use and, for an easy reading; we arranged some graphical symbol which remember the type.

Low and middle layers
EN 13707

Final layers EN 13707

Single layer
EN 13707

EN 13707

Membranes under heavy protection
EN 13707

EN 13859-1

Membranes for stopping the humidity
EN 13969

Vapour check membranes
EN 13970