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FIM, Factory of Insulation Materials from Kanjiža, was founded in 1979 and is the first factory of its kind built on domestic knowledge, domestic equipment and technology. For the production of insulation materials, we use high-quality bitumen from well-known refineries in the region, which enables the production of waterproofing tapes and masses of the highest quality. The basic production program of our company consists in the production of waterproofing materials based on bitumen, namely: waterproofing tapes and waterproofing compounds. In addition to bituminous products, the production of thermal insulation material - EPS board according to the highest technology has been started.

The tipping point

In 2005, a major change occurred in the work and operations of the insulation materials factory FIM d.o.o. The Italian company IWIS holding, which includes well-known members of TEGOLA CANADESE, TEMA with 14 factories in different parts of the world, is taking over shares with Serbian partners from Tecasi, making a significant step in developing our company for the production of insulation materials. FIM became a member of one of the biggest groups in this field of production, which opened up huge opportunities for further development of all activities. The structural reorganization of the company was carried out to bring the business closer to world standards. Increasing labor productivity, as well as striving for full utilization of installed capacities, has become the basic goal of the development strategy. With high-quality products and the active participation of IWIS holding and its many branches, FIM is today present in the countries of the region and the countries of the European Union, as well as on all continents.

New Project(1)

After the reorganization in 2010, significant investments were made, primarily for further modernization of the technical and technological process. In addition to constant investments in production processes, great emphasis is placed on improving working conditions and the working environment, not only in production but also in accompanying activities.


Conquering foreign markets has always been our goal, set by management structures at the very beginning. FIM is one of the few companies that can boast of successfully marketing products in all countries of the region as well as EU countries, and the products of our company are successfully marketed on all continents.

According to that orientation, FIM is unique in its production branch, as evidenced by numerous facilities made with our insulation materials. FIM implements an effective quality management system and environmental management system that meets the requirements of ISO 9001: 2000 and ISO 14001: 2004, certified by the Accreditation Body - YUQS and IQNet. Product development and technical-technological innovations on which today's production of more than 100 products are based is the results of the development work of the factory's experts. FIM has a modern laboratory and for many years has achieved successful cooperation with scientific institutions and other manufacturers of waterproofing materials. Making the most of all resources and possibilities, the reconstruction and modernization of technological lines have been carried out, and we are constantly improving for production to be at the European level.


Innovative solutions, constant investment in the progress and quality of our products, monitoring trends, conquering new markets and expanding the distribution network, compliance with all legal regulations and creating a company in which employees work safely, is our main task. Together with its sister companies from IWIS Holding, FIM has completed a range of products and can offer quality solutions for every type of building.

Our team is composed of professional, dedicated people, who, at the request of the owner, build partnerships with all their associates around the world, and are at your disposal for all the challenges that accompany the construction industry.

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